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The Quality Monitoring Solution that Adapts to Your Needs

Call Center Monitoring has never been easier! The Solution Made Easy™ Quality Monitoring solution is highly configurable – it adjusts to your existing processes. Highly intuitive and user-friendly, this flexible application replaces the need for time-consuming, manual evaluations by enabling supervisors to build custom forms for simple and efficient input of observations on agent performance. Now, it’s a matter of simply playing a recorded call, or listening to a live call, and scoring it using radio buttons and pull-down menus. You can complete a Call Monitoring evaluation in a matter of minutes!

The intuitive graphical scoring techniques for tracing agent thresholds and trends are unmatched in the industry. Information stored in the database can be reported in a variety of ways to provide feedback – from the agent level to the company boardroom. Integrated with pre-existing or future CRM applications the Solution Made Easy™ Quality Phone Monitoring solution provides an action-oriented coaching function and management calibration vehicle that, implemented properly, dramatically reduces costs while improving agent skill sets.

Evaluation Forms and Reports – Easy to Build and Use
Easily build and customize your evaluation forms and reports. The Solution Made Easy™ Quality Phone Monitoring Software solution offers the simplest, most flexible building process for evaluation forms available today! Quickly and easily customize scoring forms and reports to deliver the most effective results possible to meet the needs of your particular business environment. Make changes to your forms whenever you choose. Evaluate an unlimited number of skills and customize an unlimited number of answer choices.

Improved Coaching and Training
Allows you to pinpoint agents’ strengths, weaknesses and areas on which to focus training efforts. Breaks down agents' behaviors into skill sets (for example, communications, call handling, technical, product, compliance, etc.). Once the weaker skill sets are identified, specific training and coaching sessions can be conducted to maximize the talent pool of your call center.

Powerful Tools for Enterprise-wide Collaboration
An evaluator can collect additional, non-agent specific information for other departments indirectly tied to the call center. For example, a sales manager may want to know about comments made regarding the outside sales force. In this case, the evaluator will simply make a note on the evaluation and the sales manager will be automatically notified via pager or email of the comment.

Worldwide Browser-based Access
Secure, Web-based access to call records and evaluations from anywhere worldwide. This allows a supervisor to work from home or while traveling, eliminating the need to be on-site to perform quality evaluations and assessments.

Unprecedented Security and Notification Flexibility
Configure unlimited security level definitions. Administrators can grant or deny access to individuals throughout the enterprise for a function (i.e., add, delete, modify, etc.) and/or a data element (i.e., a specific evaluation). For example, managers can be set up to conduct monitoring sessions and run reports and supervisors can be set up to conduct Call Monitoring Software, reports and system maintenance, except for modifications to the evaluation forms.

January 4, 2011

VPI Wins Second Consecutive Product of the Year Award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
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June 25, 2010

VPI’s Analytics-Driven Quality Monitoring Software Wins Contact Center Technology Innovation of the Year Award at ContactCenterWorld’s Top Ranking Performers Conference
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May 28, 2010

VPI Achieves Highest ‘Hot Vendor’ Rating in 2010 Value Index for Contact Center Agent Performance Management by Ventana Research
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